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Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network

Empowering Women in Technology and Business

Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN), was established in 2009 to empower women entrepreneurs to grow their business.?DWEN helps a group of like-minded women share best practices, build business opportunities through collaboration, explore international expansion, and access new resources and technologies that support business growth.?

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Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network

Benefits for Women Entrepreneurs


Access to Capital for Technology
Dell Financial Services?offers financing for Venture Capitalist backed startups to provide financial and scalable technology resources.**


Start Early and Scale with Dell:
Dell can offer your company a one-stop-shop?experience, allowing you get all your hardware and software needs without having to switch from company to company.


IT Advisor
A single point of contact?who is dedicated to your needs, while also providing the best deals and promotions.


Rewards and Deals
DWEN Members?get free expedited delivery, Exclusive Deals, and up to 6% back in rewards.


Thought Leadership Content
Get access to networking events, DWEN exclusive directory, newsletters and webinars specifically tailored to you!

DWEN Testimonials

"As an entrepreneur, you get lonely. And I feel like with Dell, I’ve been able to be a part of such a great community, like the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur network. We have a WhatsApp group, a Facebook community. We can bounce ideas off each other. I can also run ideas by high performing executives at Dell. Some of the women at Dell have opened up so many doors for me, whether it’s introducing me to people or getting me to think about things a little differently."
Rakia Reynolds
Rakia Reynolds, CEO of Skai Blue
“Through the DWEN network, we’ve found the two key things every businessperson needs is a wide network of experienced entrepreneurs to ask for advice and share past mistakes, and access to technology that keeps your business model competitive,”
Ingrid Devin
Ingrid Devin, Silicon Republic, May 2019
“It’s opened doors to other women-owned businesses I’ve been able to partner with around the globe.” The Summit, which is held in a different city every year, has also widened her horizons in countless ways…”
Cathy Coan
Cathy Coan, Vanity Fair, May, 2017

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At the height of the recession in 2009, we started brainstorming ways we could help our customers continue to grow and influence the global economy. Two realities inspired us to focus on women entrepreneurs: The fact that entrepreneurs are the force that historically leads the economy out of financial crisis and second, that women business owners (whose combined companies – at that time – would make up the fifth largest GDP in the world!) still struggled to access the capital, networks and resources they need to take their businesses to the next level.
Through DWEN,?Dell is empowering women entrepreneurs to grow their business through the power of technology, expansion of global networks and access to capital. By highlighting female entrepreneurial success and creating a supportive atmosphere, DWEN helps a group of like-minded women share best practices, build business opportunities through collaboration, explore international expansion and access new resources and technologies that support business growth.
Investing in women has a positive impact on the global economy. Women-owned businesses are significant drivers of job creation and economic growth. At Dell, women make a critical contribution in every aspect of our business – employees, leaders, customers, suppliers and partners. We’re actively supporting our customers with improved access to capital, technology, networks and information – areas where women have historically been under-served where we feel we can make a significant impact.
Under representation of women in business today is a missed opportunity—not just from a moral standpoint but an economic one. One of the world’s greatest emerging markets is closer than you think. Women are the world’s most powerful consumers, and their impact on the economy is growing every year. The global incomes of women were predicted to reach a staggering $18 trillion by 2018, according to global professional services firm EY. Also, Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing, when they earn an income they reinvest 90% back into their communities.
DWEN is open to all women entrepreneurs; it is ideal for female founders with established businesses. To join the network please submit your profile.
Over the last decade, DWEN has grown into a thriving global network of high-potential women entrepreneurs, who engage year-round through regional & local events. Benefits also include: webinars, newsletters, tech consultations, product promotions for our members and access to our vast network of alumni, partners, journalists, investors and more.

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